February 2018 Spending Report

Hi folks,

Welcome to my second spending report where I'll be bringing you up to speed on my progress during the second month of 2018.

Just in case you're new to this, I'll explain a little bit on what it's about.

Below is a detailed list of all the jobs I've completed during February 2018, split into the little and not-so-little projects. The major projects are ones that take me more than 5 days, the minor ones take 5 days or less.

I've gone into a little detail on each, and will eventually do some detailed how-to blog posts on them in time. Although I don't keep an exact tally of the time it takes me to do each DIY project, I have put a pretty accurate amount of days against each. I've also estimated how much I reckon I've saved by not paying a professional to do the work.

To the right (or below if looking on a phone) is a summary of the whole page. You'll notice that I keep a running tally of the figures that occurred in previous spending reports to give you a good idea of the whole costs.

That's it, enjoy reading folks and I hope you find this information valuable if you're about to start a similar project...

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During February 2018:                 £1,647.96

Total so far:                                     £13,503.06


During February 2018:                  £1,100

Total so far:                                      £13,000


During February 2018:                   6.5 days

Total so far:                                       72.5 days


Small DIY Projects completed in February 2018: 1.5

Total so far: 6.5

Large DIY Projects completed in February 2018: 0

Total so far: 3.5

How do you estimate the money saved?

The Lounge

Introducing the start of my next project - The Lounge.

title picture showing the lounge before work commencing with the title reading - diy project, the lounge, and all that it entails

Most of this room will be done once I've built my 2 storey extension, such as changing the carpet and wallpaper etc. But for now, I wanted to get the fireplace sorted.

  • Total cost of DIY Project: £1147.13
  • Estimated Money Saved: £350 (2 days for a good builder)
  • Time Taken: 2 days
  • 1/2 a Small DIY Project (because it's still ongoing)

This started off as a hidden fireplace, behind some 1970's wooden shelving. I had to drop a liner down the chimney, which is in Decembers Spending Report. For this DIY spending report, I include forming the granite hearth and I've got the cost of the stove in there too.

Later on in the year, I install the Mantelpiece, surrounding masonry and the lintel. You can find these costs in October's Spending Report


  • Misc.
    • Granite Hearth = £510
    • 5KW Monterrey 5 SE Multi Fuel Stove = £593.10
    • 20kg Everbuild KOS Heatproof Plaster = £21.22
  • 1/2 bag cement = £2.00
  • One 25kg bag ballast = £1.53
  • 1 bag self leveling compound FlexiPlus 20kg = £19.28

Here's the progress of it so far, the Hearth is installed, it's just covered in cardboard to protect it!

plaster all knocked off fireplace showing bricks. hearth installed but covered in cardboard. flu dangling down into fireplace


The Floating Shelf Wall

Built within the Dining Room, one wall covered in shelves.... Well, mostly covered.

picture showing wall with shelves built against it, sam holding a saw. titled reads "how to build a floating shelf wall"

As I do up the Dining Room, I install a Floating Shelf Wall, and teach others how to do it too.

  • Total cost of DIY Project: £500.83
  • Estimated Money Saved: £750.00 (carpenter for 5 days)
  • Time Taken: 4.5 days
  • Small DIY Project


  • 8.5m2 Sapele Hardwood, cut to order = £423.00
  • 1 Pack 5.0 x 90mm screws = £6.41
  • 1 pack 4.0 x 30mm screws = £3.95
  • 1 pack 5.0 x 50mm screws = £4.68
  • 14 Concealed shelf fixings = £52.29
  • 5 Rawl plugs - £0.50
  • Loba WS 2K Fusion & Hardener A1 = £5.00
  • Lecol 7500 Filler = £2.50
  • 120 & 60 grit sand paper = £1.50
  • 5 L brackets = £1.00

drilling a hole through the top shelf and into the middle of the vertical shelf below


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